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0 = This is not true for me at all.
4 = I've given this some attention.
7 = I'm doing very well here.
10 = I've totally nailed this!

I. Strong Business Foundations

1. I have identified my ideal client and understand their pains, fears, dreams and desires

2. I understand the difference I can make for my clients and how it is aligned with my purpose.

3. I am bringing in consistent revenues and meeting my monthly revenue goals.

4. I have a written vision of where I want to be 1 year from now and a plan for how I will get there.

II. Your Proven Process For Impacting Change

1. I have a step-by-step process that empowers clients to create the results they came to me for.

2. I am easily able to explain what outcomes my clients enjoy as a result of working with me.

3. I know how much content to include in my course and how to structure each module.

4. I am comfortable with the launch process and have a webinar that inspires people to buy.

III. List Building and Sales Strategies

1. I have a sales funnel that builds my list and moves qualified leads into enrollment conversions.

2. I am able to profile the people on my list to offer next steps based on what they need.

3. I have a process for conducting enrollment conversations that enables me to close 1 out of 2.

4. I'm very comfortable helping prospects move through their fears in order to say yes to my offer.

IV. Automated Delivery of Your Programs

1. I am already delivering my products and programs online.

2. My clients rave about the design of my online programs and are completing all the modules.

3. I automatically recognize clients who are progressing and nudge those who get stuck.

4. Maintining my course platform is easy and I never have to deal with tech questions.

V. The Inner Game of Entrepreneurship

1. I have daily practices that help me navigate the emotional ups and downs of growing a business

2. I am super productive and use the time I spend on my business to it's maximum advantage.

3. I am incredibly confident in my ability to be who I need to be to make my vision a reality.

4. I have systems and strategies that keep me focused, productive and in action.

VI. Your Commitment Level (1 = not at all committed, 10 = highly committed!)

1. I am ready to discover what has been keeping me from taking my business to the next level of success.

2. If I discover the right resource and a path to get me to the next level, I am open to investing.

3. I value the opportunity to speak with someone to explore my next best move and, if eligible, will book a session soon.

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